Annual Function

Maxwell celebrated its first “Annual Function” on 14th April, 2023 and with great efforts from everyone in teams. It was a mesmerizing evening full of joy, happiness, food and honors. It’s always blissful when the entire team comes together for celebration while bringing absolute delight. May these celebrations and journeys continue forever.
Thanks to everyone who has helped us in growing this small extended family of ours, our vendors, our clients and friends. Sharing some glimpse from the evening !!


GOA Staff Tour

What can be the best Treat for employees than closing the financial year with “GOA Staff Tour” !!
As always, “MAXWELL” believes in investing in their employees considering they are the ones who built us. though we have planned a Trip to GOA this year for relaxing vacation to our staff to freshly welcome the new financial year with great enthusiasm & we are happy that they have enjoyed their fullest.